Configuring Auth0 with WSO2 API Manager for SSO

  1. Create an account in
  2. Download API Manager version 4.0.0 distribution from

Configuring users, application and rules in Auth0

Configuring Users

Creating application

Configuring Auth0, Service Providers in WSO2 API Manager

Changes in deployment.toml

enable_email_domain= true
username = "$ref{super_admin.username}@carbon.super"

password = "$ref{super_admin.password}"
username = ""
password = "admin

Add Auth0 as an external IDP

Configuring publisher, dev and admin portal application’s service provider configurations

Configuring scope mapping

  1. Map from an existing role
  2. Select custom scopes
  • Map from an existing role: since we are also adding scopes to a publisher =, we can use the same internal/publisher scopes by selecting “intenal/publisher” from the drop down.
  • Select custom scopes: you can select a number of custom scopes which you need to give it to the role.

Checking the flow

  • Sign in with the username or password or, continue with the google.
  • After successful login, you will get redirected to the publisher portal



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